Campaign and lobby

We hope that the North East VCSE sector will join in wider civil society campaigns to lobby the UK Government and others to do more to address the climate emergency, ecological collapse and the need for a just transition. If you are keen to add your voice and support existing campaigns, you might find the sites below of interest.

Useful links

The Time Is Now is a campaign run by The Climate Coalition, the UK’s largest group of people dedicated to action against climate change. You can sign their declaration and use their resources to get your community involved.

The IPPR Environmental Justice Commission will help to develop the ideas and policies to bring about a rapid green transition that is fair and just. Find out more:

Organisations from across the UK, advocating for a better future for people and planet, have come together in this new coalition. Join us in 2021 to help crack the crises because together we can tackle Covid, injustice and climate change.

Sign this petition to ask the UK government to take decisive climate action

Sign this petition to urge the Prime Minister to build justice after the pandemic, and towards a healthier, safer future for everybody.

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