About Us

The VONNE Climate Action Alliance is a group of community and charity organisations based in North East England.  Together we want to encourage and support other not-for-profit organisations to take action to address the climate crisis.  

Together we aim to:​​

  • Support organisations and communities to reduce their carbon emissions through direct action​​
  • ​Help the VCSE sector adapt to environmental and other changes​ caused by the climate crisis​
  • ​Campaign for necessary, radical, and urgent action​

​We want to build a network of organisations working together on this issue.  We hope to share learning, support each other and to have greater impact together.​

​We are currently developing the plans for the VONNE Climate Action Alliance. This website is a development/ prototype site to help us test the content and usability of the website and what people are interested in. We will use these findings to make further improvements and develop further content and tools. Please feel free to add comments on any of the pages to feedback your thoughts.

The VONNE Climate Action Alliance is the VCSE sector’s contribution to the North East England Climate Coalition – a regional cross-sector initiative with the aim of ‘Becoming England’s Greenest region’.

​The current members of the VONNE Climate Action Alliance (VCAA) are: 

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